Why Jeannot

The Production Process...

Jeannot Fine Furniture has been creating beautifully hand carved pieces for decades. From start to finish our production methods have only improved through the years. From Jeannot's ideas to the carver's hands we have kept with the traditional ways of either sculpting a unique pedestal to creating a beautiful apron for a table.

Starting with a customer's approved order; our production process begins in the shop. By carefully selecting each piece of wood we can promise clean cuts and beautiful wood grain in all of our furniture.

Each piece that goes into production is created and then carefully looked over and sanded. From this point the finisher begins to apply his stains. The piece is then checked completely over again and only after this step do the final preparations continue.

The last step is the hardware, glass placement, and any other fine detail. The piece then gets ready for shipment. The end result of all these steps is a magnificent piece for you and your family to enjoy.

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custom cabinets in Los Angeles

A few questions we generally receive are as follows:

Q. How long will it take to have my furniture delivered?

A. 6 - 8 weeks

Q. How do I know what finish color to select?

A. Select what makes you feel most comfortable and what will work with your existing space. Also, upon deposit of an order, a finish sample will be sent to you.

Q. What woods are used?

A. Alder and Birch. We find these woods to be the best to create the look and feel of our designs. These woods are also wonderful to carve with and finishes take to them beautifully.

Jeannot Fine Furniture invited ASID LA to join them for the day to learn the art of carving. Stations were set up and the Designers were able to try out carving their initial onto their own paperweight.