Our Story

Jeannot California interior design

Jeannot Fine Furniture had its beginnings in Casablanca in approximately 1925. It was there that a young Jeannot Nahmias watched his father create fine furniture in his small tradesman shop.

With a dedication to quality design, Jeannot's father designed and created 6 of his own tools…. including a table saw, bench saw and shaper. Running them all from just one motor, he created beautiful pieces of veneer and inlaid furniture. Word of mouth reached the elite population of that day, and many of these fine pieces can still be seen today in the castles and finer homes of French Morocco and France.

Jeannot was 15 when he joined his Dad in the shop. He was given an offer he couldn't refuse... a promise of a motorcycle and sailboat. However, it was soon thereafter that the entire family moved to Canada, bringing their business with them. The "quality and beauty" of their furniture soon spread via word of mouth throughout Canada bringing them success, but the cold climate was not for them.

In 1965 the entire family moved once more, this time to sunny California. Again they would build their business from scratch in a new country. Jeannot's brother, Michel joined the family business and a small shop was established in North Hollywood as Jeannot's Fine Furniture and Custom Design, Inc. Word of mouth again kept their business growing as more and more people became aware of their hand crafted and custom furniture. A client list developed which includes movie stars, acclaimed Interior Designers, and a second generation of first time clients.

Today, Jeannot Fine Furniture and Custom Design, Inc continues to be a family owned and run business. Jeannot's son, Daniel became involved at the age of 15, just like his Dad. Daniel works full time beside his Dad today, as does a second son, Josh. Nicole, Jeannot's daughter became involved in the business when she was in her 20's and manages marketing and special projects. She also is the proud Mom of both a son and daughter … part of the next generation of Jeannot Fine Furniture.

The small shop in North Hollywood has been outgrown and Jeannot Fine Furniture and Custom Design, Inc. is now located in a 16,000 sq. foot facility in Van Nuys in the greater Los Angeles area. Each piece of custom furniture has been custom designed per customer and Jeannot will continue to provide this special service that he is so well known for In expanding the business to the internet.

Jeannot Furniture lives on…. as the quality, beauty and uniqueness of each piece becomes a treasure that initial owners find difficult to part with. Choose a piece for your home., let it enhance your surroundings and let it be a part of your legacy and live on within your family.