French Country Cottage

It was quite an exciting day this past Saturday to be invited into the very special and creative world of #designbloggers
to celebrate the new book release of French Country Cottage. This gorgeous and dreamlike book was written by the
amazingly talented Courtney Allison.  Courtney started her blog on a whim, by the urging of her sister.

Those of us who follow Courtney’s blog “French Country Cottage“, couldn’t be happier that she stuck with it and has
since created something super special. I know I am not alone when I get to open Courtney’s Blog posts and get to take
a moment to be carried away on her journey with her.  It’s a mini vacation from all the stresses of life.
To see Courtney’s beautiful photography and inspiring tablescapes is something quite special.
Courtney’s new book “French Country Cottage” is a must read and a must addition to your coffee table book collection.
It is in fact a mini work of art.  Please order your copy ……here and get ready to be taken on a beautiful adventure into her lovely French Country Cottage.
Patina Farm Office

Patina Farm Office

Courtney’s Book Signing was generously hosted by the designer and architect Husband and wife team Steve & Brooke Giannetti
of Giannetti Home They graciously opened their home and farm to all 500 of us at Patina Farm to host Courtney and her Book Release signing.
We were allowed to stroll through this gorgeous home and gardens and enjoy some drinks and bites to eat.

How incredible is this vignette in Brookes office?






Patina Farm Master Bedroom View

Patina Farm Master Bedroom View

Can you imagine waking up every morning to this view?  Brewing some fresh coffee, making some fresh eggs from the
chickens on the farm, and then starting your day in the above office?  One can dream….









What an incredible day thanks to Michelle at The Bella Cottage and Courtney with French Country Cottage.

Michelle from The Bella Cottage, Courtney from French Country Cottage & Nicole from Jeannot Custom Cabinets

From Left: Michelle from The Bella Cottage Center: Courtney from French Country Cottage Right: Nicole from Jeannot Custom Cabinets