In our manufacturing facility, all of our hardwood lumber is from wood producers who are committed to and participate in the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) program, which practices a land stewardship ethic of principles, objectives and performance measures that integrate Best Management Practices (BMPs) and Forest Practice Rules and Regulations.

Proud to be among a growing trend of green furniture manufacturers, we encourage our vendors to practice the sustainable growing and harvesting of trees for useful products, to promptly reforest following harvest, and to promote the conservation of soil, air and water quality and the protection of biological diversity, wildlife habitat, recreational use, and natural aesthetics.

Our glue product is also presently environmentally safe and produces no harmful fumes, meaning that they contribute to a safe and healthy environment. This wood glue is also solvent-free and clean up easily with water.

Our finish products are also all water based and being a manufacturer in California, a state that has the most strict and monitored regulations, it is safe to safe to say that our materials are all green.

We are also able to get wood products with SFI certification as well as FSC certified for your LEED projects.