Country French Design Style

French Country is a classic style that combines beauty and charm with function.  Since the 13 Century, French Country style has evolved in the many provences of the South of France. The design of the furniture also varies depending on each provence.  French Country reflects the warm, earthy, unpretentious, and comfortable way of life in this region.

Murphy Beds

Now that Labor Day has passed and your Summer guests have gone, let’s redesign the Guest Bedroom. Why have the clunky in your way mattress taking up so much room when you can store it inside a Murphy Bed? That Guest Room can now be used for not just a bed, but an office, a gift wrapping station you’ve always dreamed about, or an art room.

Furniture Arranging Tricks To Make Home Feel Bigger

Furniture Arranging Tricks To Make Home Feel Bigger

When you live in a smaller-sized house, you will need to make some important and clever decisions when you go about your interior design. Many furniture styles can make a small space look even smaller, but when you choose the right styles and arrange smartly, it can also have the opposite effect. In this useful infographic, discover 14 useful techniques that will help you visually expand space with the help of the furniture.