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Pasadena Showcase House 2018

Pasadena Showcase House Teen Suite 2018 It is always an honor to be asked by an Interior Designer to participate in the Pasadena Showcase House to partner with them to help bring their vision of the room they chose to life.  It is a really fun collaboration for our...

LCDQ Legends 2018

LCDQ LEGENDS 2018 Today's Vision, Tomorrow's Home: La Cienega's Design Quarter's Legends Window 2018 Every year for the past 10 years in May, a 3-day celebration of design in the La Cienega Design Quarter brings together thousands of VIPs and tastemakers from the...

In Memoriam

In Memoriam, Remembering Alison Pollack, not just for being an amazing Sustainable Interior Designer, but most importantly, a beautiful person and Friend.

Furniture and Fashion Design Using Feathers

How fabulous is this chair that was re purposed with feathers in the back of it? Talk about giving this chair a little face lift.  I think we may have to do this to one of our existing chairs in our showroom.  For now, here is a link for some easy instructions on how to do this on one of your CHAIRS.

Tartan in Home Goods

The Tartan is a woolen or worsted cloth woven with stripes of different colors and widths crossing at right angles, worn chiefly by the Scottish Highlanders, each clan having its own distinctive plaid.  It’s a fabric made up of horizontal and vertical stripes in different colors, on a colored background. The interwoven stripes are known as a sett.  Originally, clans people used local plants, mosses and berries to dye the wool.  The first mention of tartan in Scotland was in 1538.

Jeannot’s Holiday Wish List

Here is Jeannot’s Holiday Wish List for 2017, a small collection of items that we thought would be a fun or interesting gift for the Holidays. As you can see we have a Wine Theme going on here.  Wine as we know, is the intellectual part of any meal.  So please take a look and enjoy. Some of the products are readily available.  Please click on this link for more detailed information. Or click on the highlighted links below.

8 Feng Shui Principles for Bedrooms

The bedroom is a very important part of the home. It is for example where we experience the life-renewing and healing benefits of sleep. Because of this, Qi becomes more important than anywhere else in the home. It then becomes vitally important to make sure your bedroom is set up to be a peaceful and restorative space and you can do so by following these Feng Shui principles that have been compiled into the following infographic.

Healthier Living By Decluttering Your Home

Whether you live in a large or small home, clutter and mess can detract from interior design, pulling the focus off your interior design and on unsightly unorganized chaos. While clutter certainly has an effect on the eyes, can it affect your health as well? Here is a guide by that details not only the negative psychological effects of cluttering, but also proceeds to serve as an all-in-one reference on how you can conveniently and properly de-clutter your home.

Furniture Arranging Tricks To Make Home Feel Bigger

When you live in a smaller-sized house, you will need to make some important and clever decisions when you go about your interior design. Many furniture styles can make a small space look even smaller, but when you choose the right styles and arrange smartly, it can also have the opposite effect. In this useful infographic, discover 14 useful techniques that will help you visually expand space with the help of the furniture.

Victorian Style in a Modern Home

Here is an infographic that looks at how the Victorians actually laid out their rooms and explores how interior designers might utilize elements of the Victorian style in their interior designs. Discover what the Victorians sought out in their homes and how these ideas are still relevant in home interior designs of today.

Design Bloggers Conference – 2017

Jeannot Fine Furniture and Custom Cabinets is beyond excited to be attending this years Design Bloggers Conference where we expect we will be blown away. According to the website, “The Design Bloggers Conference is the only conference specifically focused on the interests of interior design bloggers, interior design bloggers using content to build their business and personal brands, and any design professional seeking to learn more about using content on the social web.

Home Offices

We are well into 2017, starting the second quarter of the year. Time to check in on how the flow of your work space in your home is. Some of us work in an office building and some of us do work from home. Some of us are even luckier to be able to have the space in our home designated specially for a home office. Read on for examples of  really amazing and unique Home Offices that we were commissioned to create.

Interior Design 101 – Beginner’s Guide to Home Decorating

The basic elements to consider when designing interiors are balance, emphasis, harmony, proportion and rhythm. If these terms are unfamiliar to you, no need to worry. The following infographic outlines the essential principles of home decorating and is designed to help even the beginner designer execute the vision they’ve always dreamed of.

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